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Last Will and Testament


We have a big problem at DARG


Volunteering at DARG – what’s it like?

DARG is always looking for volunteers. If you’re over 18, interested in volunteering, but aren’t sure what it’s going to involve, here’s what you need to know. Whatever your skills and interests, there’s a way you can contribute!

  • You can choose how often and when you volunteer. It is great if you can commit to a regular day to come in, but we understand that this is your free time, so there’s no obligation to agree to dates upfront. Some people volunteer all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Others come in once a month, or simply pop in for a few hours when they have some spare time. One fabulous lady comes out all the way from Austria once a year and volunteers for a solid month!
  • Volunteers can do different types of work. You aren’t forced to do any tasks you aren’t comfortable with. Some people brush cats and dogs, or walk dogs. Others simply spend time with the animals, giving them attention and affection, and observing them to see that they are in good health and good spirits. If you have the facilities you can even foster puppies or other animals in need of intensive TLC. Do you love people as much as you love animals? Once you are familiar with the adoption requirements and the animals at DARG you can show people the different pets that are up for adoption. You can also help by sorting and pricing goods for the second-hand shop, weeding and gardening, doing environmental clean-ups on the farm and along the river bank, or by doing simple handyman work, tiling and painting.
  • Even if you can’t come in to work at the DARG adoption centre, there are ways to help. Refer people to this website. Forward the details of animals looking for homes to your friends. Have a cake sale or pet-food drive at your school or work. Give us old household goods that we can sell for fundraising. Forward our wish list to friends and colleagues. Write about us. Link from your blog or website to ours. Or chat to our staff to find other ways to put your skills and connections to good use.

    If you’d like to volunteer, you can call DARG on 021 790-0383/2050, or simply come in to the adoption centre and try it out.

    And to our existing volunteers – THANK YOU!

    Camps Bay Primary School collects for DARG


    The fact that Camps Bay Primary School loves animals was when they collected two car loads full of dog food, cat food, blankets and cleaning materials. The children were treated to a special visit by Morgan and Newton, two corgies who came with Edna from DARG to thank them for thier contribution. (seen below)


    Things happen in strange ways


    Today there was a ring on our gate bell, here stood 2 young girls, I asked “yes, can I help you.” they replied “sir we are collecting for a worthy cause, can you help us.” The picture below explains it all.

    Frederique and Ella (pictured here) and thier friends Sarah and Megan [...]

    Montego Classic

    Urgently needed!

    We, as well as other shelters, have had a huge intake of abandoned cats and dogs lately.  The extra mouths to feed has taken its toll on our food stock.

    We are having to BUY AT RETAIL PRICES!

    This is a huge expense for DARG. Please be kind and donate a bag or more [...]